Malaysian Student of Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI) consisting of Farah Nadia Binti Shukordi, Hastinah Binti Hamsah and Mohd Khairy Izzuan Bin Moho Yusof have completed a one-semester credit transfer in Chemistry Education Department FMIPA UNY. The three studied at UNY from February to May 2018. The students took 4 subjects namely Molecular Dynamics, Chemical Instrument Analysis, Basic Organic Chemistry, and Non-Metal Inorganic.
Farah Nadia who is usually greeted with Yaya when met at FMIPA campus, Wednesday, 30/5/18 said, in the first week of college they have difficulties because there are different terms in chemistry so need adjustment again. Which makes it easy that here there are lecturers teaching in English so we are easier to understand.
While Khairy explained that in our place (UPSI) has no response. At UPSI for the time in the lab, we decided on our own. The difficulty is when the time to determine itself is that if we fit in the lab there is equipment / materials are being used by others so have to delay using the tool. While here (FMIPA) the time has been scheduled so it becomes easier. For hours practicum between in UNY and UPSI almost the same duration.
Meanwhile Hastinah revealed that the lecturer here after explaining to invite students to ask if there is not yet clear. If in UPSI there is a lecturer does not give students the opportunity to ask questions.
In addition to the three students from UPSI, the students who finished the credit transfer in FMIPA UNY are students from Yala Rajabhat University, Thailand 10 people. A total of 7 people studying in the Department of Biology Education, and 3 people in the Department of Chemistry Education. (witono)

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