A total of 10 students from Yala Rajabhat University (YRU) followed the credit transfer program from January to June 2018 at FMIPA UNY. The students were enrolled in Biology 7 students and 3 chemistry professors. The reception was held on Friday (2/1/18) in the faculty siding room attended by the Deans, Vice Deans I, Head of Dept and the Head of the Study Program of Chemistry and Biology.

While from YRU present Vice Dean of Research, Faculty of Science, Technology and Agriculture, Dr. Isma. Ae Chelong, and Dr. Imron Meechai. On that occasion Dean welcome and welcome to study in FMIPA UNY. "Because the new arrival yesterday (Thursday) then the students to immediately take care of registration, ATM, etc.

Please register the laptop to the Computer Centre in order to access the Wi-Fi to facilitate learning ". The Dean conveyed "for lectures at FMIPA using Indonesian and English. To be more exact later can be discussed with the lecturer language that will be used in lectures ". "We are organizing several international seminars including ICRIEMS to be held in May 2018.

Please lecturers and YRU to participate and submit their articles. Later articles that qualify and are considered feasible by reviewers will be registered and indexed Scopus ", added Dean. Meanwhile, Isma Ae Chelong, in her speech said that the students who come will learn Biology and Chemistry. He advised the students to learn earnestly. Students can also learn Indonesian culture. Students from YRU, Rawiwan Thiamthat and Hawareen Samae after the event expressed their impression with the melodious accent. "Upon arriving at UNY we were delighted. I have not been able to tell much because it just came yesterday.

But the guide students were friendly and they were very helpful to us. And today we will do some activities for the preparation of lectures such as drug tests, course registrations, etc. ". "We plan to take 7 lessons (courses) including Immunology, Practical Immunology, Industrial Microbiology etc", she added Meanwhile, Nareeman Kortae (Chemistry) expressed her excitement to have tasted Indonesian culinary namely grilled chicken and Gurame. Here (Indonesia) it tastes sweet and the price is cheap.

While in Thailand the average taste is sour. "For lessons (courses) I will also take 7, including Biology Chemistry, Biology Laboratory, Instruments lab, etc." she continued. For this year apart from YRU, in FMIPA currently there are also 3 people from Universitas Pendidikan Sultan Idris Malaysia. They will study in Chemistry for one semester. (witono)

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