Titi Holmgren from Nordic Student Service has recently divvied up tips and tricks on study and scholarship in Sweden among 70 YSU students. Held on Friday (11/12/2015) in Main Meeting Room, YSU Rectorate building, the agenda was facilitated by the Office of International Affairs and Partnerships (OIAP), YSU. Moderating this event was Nur Insani, M.Sc., as the Secretary to Foreign Partnership Division, OIAP. The participants who were mostly students seemed excited and were actively involved in the discussion.

Titi explained today not many students expressed their interest to study further in Sweden. This brings good news to YSU students who intend to study further in foreign countries. Titi added “For Master and Ph.D program, some Swedish universities offered scholarship for tution fee and health insurance,”. Even more, she explicated, “Universities in Sweden build good partnership with companies, such as IKEA. Students could benefit this for having internship of 1-year working after graduation”.

She informed that most universities in Sweden offer small number of courses but high credits per course. The lecture puts emphasis on encouraging students to have work as well as organizational experience besides attending classes. In addition, the assignments are designed to be done in team or group working rather than individual one.

The one which still becomes the obstacle for most Indonesian students to pursue degree in overseas universities is communication. Therefore, Titi put forward the importance of mastering language in the host country. In Sweden, most residents speak Swedish language, but are still able to speak English well. (Wulan)


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