A Talk on ‘Self-Regulation’ at the Educational Psychology and Counseling Department

A Talk on ‘Self-Regulation’ at the Educational Psychology and Counseling Department

On Wednesday (May 13, 2015), the Educational Psychology and Counseling Department held a program called ‘Journal Club” that is a talk on ‘Self-Regulation’. The program was held at the laboratory I of the Counseling Department and attended by junior, sophomore and senior students. Several lecturers at the department were also present in the program. They were Yuni Purwanti, M.Pd., Nanang Erma Gunawan, M.Ed., Drs. Sugihartono, M.Pd. and Dr. Budi Astuti, M.Si.
The program aimed at developing students’ counseling skills and preparing them to be skilled counsellors.
Dr. Muhammad Nur Wangid, M.Si., the speaker, explained that self regulation is important for all individuals and applies to various age groups. Self-regulation is important for problem solving, reasoning, and decision making. It can also be applied in education and academic learning. Self-regulation of learning refers to the students’ believes in their ability to properly behave, think, and feel to achieve their academic goals once they reflect on themselves and their accomplishments in pursuing their goals.
the audience were involved in questions and answers session. The enthusiasm was reflected in their participation in asking questions to Dr. Muhammad Nur Wangid, M.Si.

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