To Teach or to Educate?


Titi Wahyuni is a teacher of SM3T (The Scholars Teaching in the outermost, disadvantaged and frontier regions) in Junior Highschool 1 of West Malinau, North Kalimantan. The students here have good habit to greet others by English. She teaches 9 times per week in 3 classes, namely VII-1 class, VII-2 class and VII-3 class. Those classes are categorized clever student classes which are called condusive classes.

The alumnus of Biology Education Study Program said that she witnessed several students who were dropped out. “There are various reasons,” she said. “Starting from smoking at school up to criminal matters,” she added.

She were surprised at first to see the students broke the rules easily, such as wearing colourful shoes, having a pen-tatoo on their leg skin. The teacher responses were various too, from giving advices until kicking them. “No day without the breaking-rule-student. I realized that this is the place I should devote,” she said.

As a new teacher, Titi strived to provide proper approaches for her classes. According to her, their concentration ability is wonderful. In addition, their physical activity is more dominant than their mental activity including the leading character internationalization. Therefore, she provides a proper teaching strategy.

"I have tried numerous strategies, from soft until harsh punishment,” she said. The students who break the rule will be summoned and punisher in picket table.

Physically, the students are bigger than Titi. However, it does not scare her. One day, she witnessed that one of her students drank at school. “I was so sad to see it,” she said. “The teachers here think that I am so soft to my students. Consequently, they treated me like their friends.

Now, Titi applies a hard rule for them. “Soft community is my priority approach for them. However, I will apply hard rule for them,” she closed. (Dedy)

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