Teaching Green Catalyst for chemical transformation at Satbayev University, Kazakhstan


Isti Yunita, M.Sc., Ph.D., lecturer in the Department of Chemistry Education, UNY, recently became a visiting professor at the Department of Mining and Metallurgical Institute, Satbayev University, Kazakhstan. Isti had the opportunity to teach about "Green Catalyst for chemical transformation: The need for sustainable development". Isti explained about the manufacture of catalysts from egg shell waste to overcome the problem of plastic bottle waste, so that it can be concluded from the optimization of waste to solve waste problem.

Isti also conveyed the synthesis of iron-based catalysts and their application as adsorbents. This topic describes the advantages of using iron catalysts which can be easily separated after use in applications. The application of a catalyst as an adsorbent for dyes is deemed necessary considering that the use of synthetic dyes is widely used in the textile industry. (Author: Witono; Editor: Dedy; Tj.Lak)

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