Bullying cannot be underestimated. If it is not prevented, this can threaten mental health which will have an impact on one's physical health, harmony between people, and national integration. However, there is one type of abuse that is still often underestimated by most people, even though the effects are quite powerful, namely verbal abuse. Verbal abuse is a form of violation of politeness language values. Language politeness is one of the aspects of language that can improve the speaker's emotional intelligence because in communication, speakers and speakers are not only required to convey the truth, but must remain committed to maintaining harmonious relations. Language politeness is what must be re-instilled and strengthened in an individual. Not only to develop individuals with character, but also to strengthen and maintain the integrity of the nation.

To teach politeness to children, a group of UNY students made a pop-up book containing light short stories by using 4 magic words such as sorry, thank you, please, and excuse me. They are Mahira Clarita Garinihasna from English language education study program, Anis Safitri from Indonesian language and literature education study program, Dianita Astari from economic education study program, Nadhila Hibatul Nastikaputri from Indonesian language and literature study program, and Syaeful Anwar from art education study program.

According to Mahira Clarita Garinihasna besides teaching politeness in language, this pop-up book also aims to introduce diversity in ethnicity, religion, language and culture in Indonesia that will appear in the character's clothing, language usage, and story setting.

"This book is a solution for parents to instill polite language character in a fun way, familiarize children to enjoy reading, and increase intimacy between parents and children," he said.

Anis Safitri added that this book is about a child named Rio who came to Garuda Perkasa Village. The community in this village comes from various ethnic groups and religions as a representation of a multicultural Indonesia. Rio, who in fact is a modern child learning language politeness from his new multicultural friends. That's where Rio knows 4 Magic Words, sorry, please, thank you, and excuse me. In addition, Rio can also learn about cultural diversity displayed by the clothes worn by residents of the Kampung Garuda Perkasa. "This product is an innovative and effective politeness learning media innovation for children," Anis said.

Syaeful Anwar explained, the tools and materials needed in making this pop up book are scissors, cutter, ruler and duct tape. "The material is ivory paper, paperboard, Castol glue and Fox glue," he said. How to make it first determine the theme, then specify the characters and storyline. Next make a story frame, develop stories and prepare tools and materials for making samples. Then create character and color designs, print digital designs, cut digital prints and make pop up patterns and paste pieces of pop up patterns that have been determined by the theme and in order for the production sample. This work succeeded in gaining Dikti funding in the Student Creativity Program in Entrepreneurship in 2019. (Dedy)

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