Teaching Practice for Graduate Students of the Basic Education Program

Teaching Practice for Graduate Students of the Basic Education Program

One of the subjects in the Basic Education program at the postgraduate school of Yogyakarta State University is teaching practice. This subject is similar to one at the undergraduate education program, but with a more enhanced content and demanding tasks. If the teaching practice in the undergraduate level is for preparing the students to be teachers by providing guidance from senior teachers, principal and lecturers during their teaching practice at schools, the teaching practice for graduate students is aimed at developing their skills in giving solutions for problems related to school performance and improvement.

The main task of the students is to be models for teachers. Prior to the teaching practice, they learn theories related to teaching an learning process and prepare teh lessons. Those are aimed at making them well-equipped to join the practice. At schools the students-teachers are given sufficient number of classroom meetings. Reflection on the teaching practice is done after the class involving peer-undergraduate students, teachers, and a lecturer from the Basic Education program supervising the student doing the practice.

Obstacles and problems related to the teaching and learning process and school facilities are discussed in the forum. While classroom dynamic is really needed during the teaching and learning process, the classroom facilities do not support the learning activities. The gaps among students groups exist because their groups are homogeneous and students are reluctant to move to other groups.

During their teaching practice, students are also required to innovate. The innovations range from new ideas for student counselling and guidance to ways for understanding students’ individual characters better. (Yuliana)

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