Eviana is one of the Scholars Teaching in the Outermost, Disadvantaged and Frontier Regions (SM3T) from YSU who served in Alor Regency. She was stationed in Wolwal Public High School located in Central Wolwal orchard, Alor Barat Daya district, Alor Regency. "When first seeing the school building, I could not believe it exists," she said. "The building comprises thatch-roof, bamboo walls, stone and soil floor. It stands on top of a rocky crag hill," she added. To arrive at the school, teachers and students must climb and walk in a pathway steep enough. However, once reaching the school, they soon will figure out amazing natural scenery.

Eliana as the graduate of Sociology Education from Faculty of Social Science YSU does not feel discouraged by the school building, despite the unsettling condition of the school. Even, it becomes the challenge and motivation to remain impassioned to contribute her knowledge. "Although the physical appearance of the building is far different from that of in Java, I always affirm to students that learning can be anywhere (regardless the building condition)," Eviana said. Learning does not need to be in a modern and shophisticated building; this activity still can be carried out under thatch roof. She is convinced that the spirit of the students to learn is comparable to those in other areas. "I reassure myself that I am here for them and I have to keep the spirit for sharing (knowledge) with them," she said.

As a Bidikmisi scholarship awardee, she stated that when it was going to rain, she and her students had to move files or books so as not to be wet. They did it because the thatched-roof would definitely leak and cause the building to flood when raining. Moreover, another constraint is that most students would not attend the school on market days as they prefer to go to markets to help their parents. She then continued to cogitate how to change the habit.

Indeed, the struggle of the students of Wolwal High School deserves appreciation, since they must walk and climb to get to school. Not to mention, in the rainy season, the pathway is slick. Fortunately, this pitiable situation does not encourage them to leave for school.

In August 2015, the teachers of SM3T were withdrawn and were welcomed back to YSU because they have completed the one-year program. Those teachers are prepared to enroll the Teacher Professional Education as a continuation of the SM3T program. Eviana feels completely blissful because the students asked her to remain there to teach them. "It is sorrowful to leave them, yet I admit I also missed my family in Java," she said.

Becoming a teacher for SM3T program is unforgettable memory in life. "I am so proud of being one of them, and I hope someday I can return to serve in education field" she added. (dedy)

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