Community interaction and tolerance is in the crossroad. To deal with it, it is worth to take local wisdom in mind. Local wisdom basically has become a guidance to set the society into ideal value. For those in Yogyakarta, tepo Seliro is one of the local wisdom that boosting the implementation of tolerance. Unfortunately, the concept of tepo seliro is not really implemented in daily life lately. Such condition has taken the interest of Azwan, Arista Damayanti and Dian Fadillah to hold a research on the existence of tepo seliro in contemporary Yogyakarta community.

According to Azwan, in Indonesian,tepo seliro is defined as tolerance. However, the tolerance for Javanese community means more than that. Upholding tolerance is not only about creating harmonious life, but also as part of attempt to be good for both in humanity and God. Yogyakarta which has awarded as city of tolerance had experienced less attitude of tepo seliro,” Azwan said. “We are interested in understanding factors that support and hamper the application of tepo seliro in Yogyakarta,” he said.

Arista Damayanti stated that the research was purely completed in Yogyakarta. She informed that several interviewees were selected. Their personal background ranged from the public, abdi dalem or courtiers, lecturers and students.

Dian Fadillah said that tepo seliro do still exist today as a native Javanese culture. Unfortunately, the implementation of tepo seliro has shifted due to changing in the society. Most people who still keep tepo seliro in origin ways is the elder in the village.  Therefore, it is crucial for parent to teach and implement tepo seliro in daily life. By doing so, children will learn about tepo seliro in much better way. Children with full understanding on tepo seliro will turn into intelligent adult with good understanding on tolerance.(Dedy, Tj.Lak)

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