The Office of International Affairs and Partnerships (OIAP) Yogyakarta State University (YSU), recently hosted recruitment and training for BIPA (Indonesian for non-native speakers) Tutors and Student Volunteers at once. The candidates were all undergraduate students of YSU. They will help a lot, especially in the OIAP activities related to international students and foreign guests services. The event took place over 4 days, from 10th – May 13, 2016.

The agenda was divided into several sessions. The first session, namely the introduction of OIAP was presented by Wahyu Setyaningrum, Ph.D. (10/5). The next day (11/5) was more detailed explanations about what is BIPA Tutors and Student Volunteers. Nur M.Sc, as the lecturer of Faculty of Mathematics and Science, YSU and also the former Secretary of Foreign Partnerships OIAP stressed out the fundamental difference between BIPA Tutors and Student Volunteers(SV). "Tutors are required to teach a tutorial class for foreign students, while the SV will be more helpful to serve foreign guests and help succeeding the events held by OIAP, namely international seminars, conferences, etc." The presentation continued with the internationalization strategy of YSU by Dr. Ing Satoto Endar Nayono. M. Eng, M.Sc.

The third day was self development and potential by Dra. Pratiwi Rev. Widiarti, M. Si., lecturer at communication sciences, YSU. She focused on the importance of recognizing ourselves, including our shortcomings and advantages. Before the prospective BIPA Tutors and Student Volunteers, she reminded "IQ only accounts for 20% of the success in life, the rest is determined by soft skill and other intelligence, such as linguistic intelligence, logical thinking, etc".

On the last day, the BIPA Tutors were asked to do Micro Teaching. Meanwhile, student volunteers were asked to have role play and the present it in front of their friends. After that, one by one was interviewed. The interview aimed to see their commitment as Tutors or SV. Among 50 prospective SV and Tutors, around 11 Tutors and 10 SV would pass the selection. (Wulan)

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