Two YSU Students Got Applause for their Achievements in South Kalimantan


Two students of Undergraduates Teaching in the Frontier, Outermost and Disadvantaged Regions (SM3T) in cooperation between YSU’s Faculty of Engineering and P4TK Ministry of Education and Culture got the Runner up in ICT Education Festival, South Kalimantan (13/10/2015). Istia Alif Fanti S.Pd., won the category of Learning Media for Presentation in the Vocational School, while Beny Abdurrahman S. Pd, deserved the the 5th rank in Blog category.

SM3T is a means of devotion for the alumni of LPTK, particularly in the engineering field to contribute their knowledge for a year by teaching Vocational Schools in remote areas.

Istia Alif Fanti, alumni of Fashion Education YSU also participates in the teaching program. She is assigned in Babirik, Hulu Sungai Utara Regency. Istia designed learning media of fashion design with the title "Elements and Principles of Fashion Design ". In the championship, 20 participants proceeded to the semifinal and five of them advanced to the final stage, delivering a presentation in front of the jury.

Istia felt beatiffic for her achievement. Moreover, she has a big expectation that her media could be fruitful. She affirms to continue developing her learning media, particularly in Fashion Boutique as the number of ICT-based learning media for Fashion Boutique is below expected.

Beny Abdurrahman, an alumni of Electronics Engineering Education YSU is mandated to be a teacher of Electronics Engineering with Audio Video consentration in 3 Amuntai Public Vocational School. Beny explains Blog competition for teachers engaged more than 80 participants, of which 20 of them proceeded to the semifinal. Of the 20 participants, 11 of them advanced to the final stage.

Beny is blissful for his achievement so far, considering he was competing with senior, more experienced teachers in developing media for learning. Furthermore, most of the work of his rivals are aged two years averagely, while his is just a month.
"Of course, I learnt a lot from the fellow participants. They are teachers who develop creative learning media and capable of adapting to the recent development of technology. Despite many participants who are no longer in their best productive age, they are still performing in maximum as proven from their innovative media. I am tempted to improve the blog and post informative ,more complete updates for learning," he assured.

2015 Education ICT Festival was held by BTIKP of South Kalimantan province since January 12 — 13 October 2015 and housed in a complex of Banjarbaru Special Education School. Three categories were presented , namely School Website, Blog for Teachers, and Learning Media for Presentation. Besides those three categories , the organizer conducted a seminar and workshop by bringing the theme of ICT-based Learning Media Development to facilitate the implementation of 2013 curriculum. (beny-FT)

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