As part of implementation of cooperation on student mobility program, UNY accepted 13 students from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) to have short course program. Dr. Nurul Khotimah, M.Sc. said that the idea for the program started with the proposal from UKM for a short visit to UNY’s Faculty of Social Sciences. The idea then developed further in the form of short course. By doing so, the visit gave further benefit for both UNY and UKM.

The short course program that conducted from 29/7 to 5/8/2019 offered series of lecture given by Faculty of Social Sciences lecturers. Lecturers who shared their valuable knowledge are Dr. Nurul Khotimah, M.Sc. (Geography Education), Saefur Rochmat, Ph.D. (Historical Education), Utami Dewi, M.PP. (Public Administration), and Gilang Jiwana Adikara, MA. (Communication Studies). The material presented was Filmology: Indonesia and Malaysia; Islam and Indonesian Historical Cultrure; Comparative Social System: Indonesia and Malaysia; and Integrated Social Laboratory.


Nurul Khotimah added, besides attending the lecture of UKM students, they were also introduced to UNY in the campus tour session. "In this session, UKM students are invited to visit the Indonesian Education Museum (MPI), Digital Library, Lab. Karawitan FBS UNY, and Plaza UNY. This session is useful to promote UNY to foreign students so that it is expected that UKM students can be interested in studying for master degreee or conducting other academic activities at UNY, "she said.

In the series of short course activities, continued Nurul Khotimah, UKM students also took part in field lectures accompanied by FIS UNY students. The field lectures were held in several tourist objects such as Borobudur Temple, Ijo Temple, Kraton, and Tamansari. "The tourism object is very relevant as a destination for field study activities because it contains historical values that can increase students' knowledge about history, geographical conditions and social conditions of the surrounding community," she added.

Through this short course activity, Nurul Khotimah hopes to strengthen the cooperation between FIS UNY and UKM so that other academic collaboration activities can be carried out in the future. "Hopefully this activity can be continued with other academic activities between FIS and Malaysian UKM," he concluded. (Eko)

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