Faculty of Engineering has initiated the establishment of the UNY Professional Certification Institute (LSP). It starts from the Faculty of Engineering Competency Test Site (TUK) which is often trusted to hold competency tests by LSP P3, which is a public LSP that can be formed by industry or professional associations. The one formed by UNY is LSP P1 which functions to test the competency of UNY graduates so that they will get a professional certificate issued by the National Professional Certification Agency (BNSP).

According to the Vice Dean of Academic Affairs, Ir. Moh. Khairudin, Ph.D, LSP P1 will certify on engineering field studies, especially for those who will work in industry. While the certification in the education study program can be taken through Teacher Professional Education (PPG).

"With the LSP P1, hopefully it can ensure the link and match between the competencies of graduates of the FT UNY and the demands of competency in the industrial world," Khairudin explained.

There are some schemes for the competency test. For department of hospitality and fashion will have the competency test for those interested to become designer assistant and make up assistant. For automotive engineering as example, the competency test will be set for service and maintenance for motorcycle carburettor, general service and maintenance for injection motorcycle, general service and maintenance for light conventional vehicle, general service and maintenance for light conventional injection vehicle, and brake system repair. Then the Test Scheme of Electronic and Informatics Engineering Education are set for Beginner Optical Fiber Installation Technician, Senior Optical Fiber Installation Technician, Programmer, Beginner Network Administrator and Senior Network Administrator.

"The Electrical Engineering Education Department holds a certification in the field of expertise in Electric Power Utilization and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)," he explained.

"In addition, the Mechanical Engineering Education Department also has a certification scheme for Welding, Lathe Machining, Computer Aided Design (CAD), Computer Numerical Control (CNC)," Khairudin said

"The total FT UNY has 23 lecturers who have certificates as assessors," he said. (hryo)

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