The graduation of UNY’s Doctoral, Masters, Bachelor and Diploma for February period was successfully held on February 2019 at GOR UNY. This period, Dwi Novita Sari from Accounting Education, Faculty of Economics, is able to attain an amazing achievement as becoming the highest GPA graduate for Bachelor degree with an outstanding 3.92 GPA. When asked, Dwi Novita Sari shared that she always took the front row in class. “It’s much easier to obtain and maintain the learning materials given by lectures.” said Novi. She loves to study at night and ask lectures questions. She explains that time management is the key. Daughter of Legiman and Yatini is also actively involved in the Students Association of Accounting Education and also a bidikmisi grantee.

This period’s fastest graduate is Santa Permata, a student from Economics Education, Faculty of Economics, who managed to finish her bachelor study in just three years and five months. The girl born in Klaten, October 28th, 1996 explained that her strategy to finish in such short time was doing the undergraduate thesis as fast as possible. She admitted that she has been doing her undergraduate thesis since the fifth semester. “During my Student Study Services, I was able to do thesis defense, but I have to wait for my theories to be completely done, so I wasn’t able to graduate until last January.” said Santa. Graduated from SMAN 1 Kalasan, she usually takes full 24 credits and is heavily involved in the Students Association of Economics Education. The daughter of Eko Sudarmono and Samiyati manages to finish her study with impressive 3.81 GPA.

While this period’s youngest graduate is Wiqoyatul Hikmah, a student from Economics Education, Faculty of Economics. Born in Rembang, August 10th 1998, she is graduated in the age just 20 years and six months. The alumni of MA Al Manar Sedan, Rembang, revealed that at the age of four, she was already in elementary school and always been in the first or second position throughout her high school. The same with Santa before, Hikmah takes full credits up to 24 in that she is able to attain a great 3.52 GPA. (Dedy/terj.AJN)

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