World Class University (WCU) in terms of QS World University Ranking includes research quality, teaching quality, graduate employability and international outlook. Academic reputation has the greatest weight in the World University Ranking, besides that there are citations and lecturer-student ratios. In ITB ranking is not the goal, be it international ranking, BAN PT, and so on. Ranking is a negative tool to find out whether our body is healthy or not. As stated by the ITB Rector Kadarsyah Suryadi in the Focus Group Discussion (FGD) at the UNY Rectorate, Wednesday (12/12). He revealed that ITB experienced an ups and downs ranking in this ranking. "From time to time we need a strategy to improve our health," said Kadarsyah. "It is necessary to analyse why the ranking is up and down". The solution strategy is four steps, namely coordination, acquisition, and data inventory, the solution is to form a WCU task force. Output of research outcomes, the solution to improving research programs. Foreign student and lecturer fields with the development of international programs and academic reputation, and employers with increased coordination between units. "Every year ITB conducts tracer studies and writes to graduate users through surveys," he explained.
The FGD with the theme of the strategy towards the QS version of WCU was opened by UNY Rector Sutrisna Wibawa and attended by officials, faculty leaders and UNY institutions. According to the Rector, the purpose of this activity is to encourage the UNY academic community to go to WCU, which was announced in 2025, "International publications do play an important role in leading to QS and WCU," said Sutrisna Wibawa. To improve citations, UNY encouraged lecturers who wanted to write to be indexed in Scopus so that they cited the papers of UNY lecturers who had been indexed. As for academic reputation, all resource persons and seminar committee leaders must maintain a good network with foreign narrators.
Ministry of Research and Higher Education Special Sub-Directorate of Sub Directorate of Education Anis Chaeruman said that one way to get to WCU is to pursue the QS version of UNY. "Trustworthy from Belmawa, please use it to carry out activities to get to WCU, one of which is by preparing for international accreditation," said Uwes Anis Chaeruman. According to him there are six QS indicators, one of which is: academic review and employee review, which is a survey of academic partners and graduate users. Another indicator is citation where lecturers must be more productive in international publications, the research is said not to be 100% finished if it hasn't entered the journal. The ratio of lecturers and students must be smaller and there must be part / full time international lecturers and students. Achieving these indicators is not an easy thing but is a challenge. The Ministry supports UNY to jointly go to WCU with their respective tasks and functions. (Dedy)

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