UNY and UNTIRTA Share Experiences in Building Stronger Institutional Partnership


"UNTIRTA as a young university must study at UNY as one of the more senior universities. In addition, many of our lecturers have graduated from UNY and have a pretty good reputation," said Dr. Aceng Hasan as, Vice-Rector for Cooperation, Information Systems for Strengthening Partnerships and Industrial Services of Universitas Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa(UNTIRTA).

“Our visit to UNY, among others, wanted to learn about identifying and establishing cooperation strategies. Learn with achievements that have been achieved by UNY or facilitate collaboration from campus, and learn how to get income-generating, “explained Aceng Hasan.

"We thank you and welcome you to UNY at the same time. The Planning and Cooperation Division of UNY has implemented a communication concept centered on efforts to always welcome, maintain and help our partners. Our collaboration network is set on our belief that 'together we can make it, unite we move forward, and we will be champions with the partnership' ," said Prof. Siswantonyo in his speech to the UNTIRTA delegation.

"We work based on disaster mitigation and always anticipate various things that may occur. Therefore, planning must exist and be able to answer the challenges of ever-changing circumstances," said Prof. Siswantoyo.(Joe binsoed, Tj.Lak).

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