UNY Delegation Competed in WUDC 2014


As the main duty of students, learning should be balanced by experiencing competitions to develop thinking skills and create works. Some students dream to contribute in international competitions for the almamater and the nation. Through though selections, the debate team of Yogyakarta State University (YSU) finally got the chance to compete in the World Universities Debating Championship (WUDC) in Chennai, India.

It was the 33th competition, held in eight days (28/12-4/1). Thousands participants overseas gathered in Rajalakshmi Engineering College for the competition in 9 eliminary rounds. The delegates of YSU were Tika Destiratri Setiawan-Arif Burhanudin (team of YSU A), Rasman-Anisa Sukma Wantari (team of YSU B) and N-1 Adjudicator Zyah Rochmad Jaelani. Previously, intensive autonomous practices for one month was the prepatory amunition to fight againts the best teams from all of the world. Despite having culture shock, the participants had scented the atmosphere of competition since taking the first step in the country.

Instead of experiencing some obstacles, Tika and Arif enjoyed unforgotable moments during the competition. Team of YSU A met international debaters from Macau University in a round. It was unnerving that the opponent team had the sharp arguments upon them. Even though they had to admit the power of Macau’s team, they succeeded to get 10 victory points (VP) during this British parliamentary (BP) competition. Meanwhile, Zyah as N1 Adjudicator thrived to be panel adjudicator in nine eliminary rounds.

Anisa from the team of YSU B was impressed by the Standford team’s performance. With Rasman as her partner, she accomplished eight VPs. Despite having less points than that of YSU A, Anisa was enthusiastic to get more knowledge from the opponents.

Learning from WUDC, Arif from the team of YSU B observed the participants’ golden habit during the competition. “They read everywhere. They take some minutes to read books in their activities,” he said. To some extent, he also experienced the culture of host country India, namely the worship, the foods, and the social conditions.

WUDC was the impressive competition not only for YSU but also for Indonesia’s delegation as a whole. Indonesia made a history to win WUDC championship in EFL category for the first time by satisfactory perfomances of Technology Institute of Bandung (ITB). On the other side, the Open Category was won by Harvard University, while ESL category gave the victory to Berlin Debating Union.

Tika realized that it needed a great effort to participate in WUDC. Working hard was the key to get through. She said that whatever results were the bonus for their hard work. For the next generations, she hoped that their spirit to learn and to work would be more improved. (Zidnie)


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