Pancasila Ideology Development Board or BPIP visited UNY Faculty of Social Sciences at FIS UNY Hall. BPIP is an institution that work under the president and give supported service on formulating direction of policy for Pancasila fostering, coordinating, synchronizing and controlling the development of the Pancasila ideology as a whole and in a sustainable manner.

The visit was well received by Vice Rector for Finance and General Affairs, Prof. Dr. Edi Purwanta, M.Pd; Dean of Faculty of Social Sciences, Prof. Dr. Ajat Sudrajat, M.Ag;   Head of Citizenship and Law Education (PKnH), Dr. Mukhamad Murdiono, M.Pd; Head of Pancasila and Constitution Study Center (PSPK), Dr. Samsuri, M.Ag .; Drs. Ekram Pawiroputro, M.Pd, and Lecturers from PKnH. The delegation of BPIP consisted of BPIP Deputy for Control and Evaluation, Dr. Rima Agristina, S.H., S.E., M.M. along with the staff accompanied by a Team from the Army.

Vice Rector for Finance and General Affairs, Prof. Dr. Edi Purwanta, M.Pd said that UNY has many studies on Pancasila and the result from the study has been compiled into reference books for strengthening and practicing values of Pancasila. Edi Purwanta said that UNY ready to have any collaboration opportunity between UNY and BPIP on Pancasila. Similar support also came from Dr. Samsuri, M.Ag. “We are ready to work together and collaborate with BPIP regarding activities and programs related to Pancasila," he explained.

Dr. Rima Agristina, S.H., S.E., M.M. representing the delegation from BPIP conveyed the purpose of the visit, which was to find out the activities in the Pancasila Park and the activities that have been carried out by UNY related to Pancasila. "We appreciate that UNY has conducted various studies on Pancasila and the results of the study have been stated in a book so that it can be a reference for us," she explained.

Rima Agristina further explained that BPIP has several interests. One of them is on maintaining relationship with institutions, socializing, communication and networking. It will allow different forms of cooperation can be initiated and implemented. So far, BPIP through Deputy of assessment and material has compiling books and learning material in form of books, movies, story and many more. Meanwhile, Deputy of Education and Training has the task to give training and coaching. BPIP also has deputy of controlling and evaluation.
“We realize that we cannot work alone. We need to work together with universities and UNY is also on the list. The plan on organizing Training of Trainers (ToT) will be a good means to facilitate the development of standardize material or reference that can foster common understanding of Pancasila as an ideology,” Rima said (Eko)

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