UNY Graduates are Ready to Face the Challenging Work with Adaptive and Flexible Abilities


Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta (UNY) held a Graduation Ceremony Period I for the 2022/2023 academic year on 27 August 2022 at the UNY Sports Building. A total of 1,350 graduates attended this ceremony, with details of 28 people from the Doctoral program, 193 people from the Master's program, 1079 people from the Bachelor's program, and 50 people from the Diploma program. Of the 1,350 graduates, there were two people with a summa cum laude predicate with a perfect achievement index of 4.00, namely Abiyyu Amajida, M.Or for the Master Degree in Sports Science and Desy Purwasih, M.Pd for the Master in Science Education. In addition, there are 734 with cum laude predicate where 12 people from the Doctoral Program, 108 people from the Master Program, and 614 people from the Undergraduate Program.

"Education is an investment in a nation's civilization because education can make a country strong and advanced," said UNY Rector, Prof. Sumaryanto. Every nation, including Indonesia, prepares various strategies for developing its next generation through quality education. This strategy is in line with the Government's main priority, namely the development of quality Human Resources (HR) to be able to compete and innovate in their lives. " You all have become part of Qualified Human Resources in each field of studies," said Prof. Sumaryanto. The Rector hopes that the graduates can support various government program policies.

Graduates of the education study program at UNY already have four competencies mandated in the teacher and lecturer law, namely pedagogic, professional, personality, and social competencies. “In terms of academic qualifications, you have met the requirements to become a teacher/educational staff, plus the four competencies, you will become a professional teacher/educational staff. Therefore, the Teacher Profession Program (PPG) that UNY holds both pre and in-service will provide additional competencies so that you are entitled to an educator certificate," said Prof. Sumaryanto. In addition, graduates can improve their academic qualifications by continuing their studies to a higher level.

For graduates of UNY's non-educational study programs, adaptive ability and flexibility are the keys to success in the world of work. Graduates in this era of rapid development of information and communication technology, graduates are also required to have the ability to use information and communication technology that characterizes the world of work in the digital era. In addition, graduates can strengthen themselves by having other competencies outside the main competencies, which are additional abilities related to their potential. Possession of 21st Century skills which include Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, and Critical Thinking, will be constructive to develop in society. These various abilities make graduates stronger and more advanced in multiple ways to compete in today's increasingly competitive global competition. (Dedy, Tj.Lak)

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