The development of technology and information changes people's lifestyle. This lifestyle change has implications on how people maintain balance with themselves and their surroundings. Art (including literature) has a portion of contribution on digital transformation so that people can enjoy life in harmony. This view was raised in the international conference of The 5th International Conference on Literature (ICOLITE). With speakers from Germany, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, the event which took place on 22-23 September 2020 was held online with the theme "Literature and Society 5.0: Humans and Their Existence".

Wiyatmi, as the head of the committee for the 5th International Conference in 2020, explained that this conference aims to explore thoughts and ideas in capturing scientific developments in the fields of language, literature, and learning; a means of discussing and exchanging thoughts between experts, practitioners, lecturers, teachers, and students; media to formulate academic policies in the context of language and literature learning in universities and schools; and media for disseminating ideas and thoughts through publication in reputable international journals. The conference program lasted for two days, from 22 to 23 September 2020. The first day was an international conference involving experts in their fields, such as Prof. Endang Aminudin Aziz, Ph.D. (Kemdikbud Discussion Development Center), Prof. Kordula Schutze (University of Munster Germany), John Ryan, Ph.D. (Southern Cross University Australia), and Dr. Widyastuti Purbani, M.A. (Yogyakarta State University). The second day will be filled with coaching clinic activities for writing scientific articles with Prof. Madya Dr. Nor Fariza Mohd Nor (Editor in Chief Journal of GEMA UKM Malaysia) and Prof. Dr. Burhan Nurgiyantoro (Editor in Chief of the Journal of Cakrawala Pendidikan, LPMPP UNY).

This international conference was attended by 173 participants from various regions in Indonesia. With a coaching clinic that involves leading journal editors that have been indexed by Scopus, participants can join scientific article writing clinics. "Hopefully, this activity can increase the scientific publications of lecturers and students in the scope of UNY," Wiyatmi said. (else, Tj.Lak)

Presentation material can be downloaded on the list below:
1. Politik Sastra di Indonesia - Prof. E. Aminudin Aziz.pdf
2. Migration - Kordula Schulze.pdf
3. Literacy and Children’s Literature in The Paradigm - Dr. Widyastuti Purbani, M.A.
4. Ecocriticism - Jhon Charles Ryan, M.A,. Ph.D

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