Eco-Marathon is an annual competition sponsored by Shell, where participants create a special vehicle that can perform as efficient fuel efficiency as possible. The Eco-Marathon is held around the world and has been held in Finland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Japan, the United States and Malaysia. The competition was participated by various participants ranging from amateurs to college teams and motor vehicle companies with various designs. Year 2018 Eco-Marathon held in Singapore on 7-11 March.
As one of the participants from Indonesia, Garuda UNY Eco Team prepare themselves optimally in the competition. Chairman of the Engineering Technology Team UNY Mohamad Shihab said that the vehicles used in competing in Singapore have been reduced from the original weight of 122 kg to only 94 kg with regard to safety factor. "This will further support the fuel consumption consumed," said Ega, his nickname. Further said that after there are some modifications such as the replacement of the transmission to 7 speed from the previous 3 speed and the clutch reduction from manual to smooth shift, increased vehicle performance. In the rolling force test, the vehicle was launched from a certain height with a 45-degree angle, the car UNY managed to travel 301 meters from the previous which is only 130 meters. According to him, the target of team participation in Singapore in addition to winning this race is to qualify in world championship drivers in London. Year 2017 Garuda UNY Eco Team won 3rd place in rookie category or newcomer.
UNY’s Rector, Sutrisna Wibawa appreciates Garuda UNY Eco Team that will compete in Singapore. "Do not forget to keep the cohesion, work hard and perform the best" said Sutrisna Wibawa. Garuda co-lecturer UNY Eco Team, Sutiman said that the team is ready to fight in Singapore with a number of new innovations. "We have a chance to win off track award" Sutiman said. Off track award is an award in the field of safety award, communication award, innovation award and design award. In 2017 UNY won the runner up position in the field of safety award and this year is expected to be the first winner. According to the lecturer of the Faculty of Engineering UNY is innovation that is applied is to rely on cans used beverages as body protector vehicle that will dampen the impact well.

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