The digital age is hard to predict, where people can relate without dealing with time and place. Includes a digital library that is disruption today. The library does not seem tohave a book when the number of collections quite a lot even if not visible. The digital era utilizes facilities from around the world, and everyone can connect virtually. This was stated by General Director Belmawa Kemenristekdikti, Intan Ahmad in soft launching digital library and e-learning UNY, Thursday (8/3). It is said that now international seminar can be done digitally using video conference network. "This is also part of the era of disruption, utilize well" said Intan Ahmad. With the SPADA network (Indonesian Online Learning System), students can take the lesson module from other campus and get certificate as credit fulfilment. This method is being developed by Ristekdikti to make it easier for students to take online lectures.

The Professor of Biology ITB Bandung confirmed that the most important is still lateral learning and face-to-face learning because there is also social interaction. With digital libraries and e-learning the quality disparity among universities can be slowly reduced so that Indonesia will become better. Rector of UNY Sutrisna Wibawa hopes that digital library can support and improve education service in UNY and accelerate UNY to be known nationally and internationally. "With digital libraries in which there is e-learning, e-journals, e-books and various academic documents will digitally improve the quality of learning and research" said Sutrisna Wibawa.

Digital library building UNY consists of 4 floors and 1 basement of 600 square meters. Basement with 120 units of computer, 1 floor for lobby and cafe, 2nd and 3rd floor for private room access room, collaborative room, audio visual room and personal computer room with 121 computers and 4th floor seminar room with capacity 300 people with video conference facility, giant screen projector with links to worldwide. The building was built with IDB companion funding of 28.8 billion rupiah, for procurement of IT 17.2 billion rupiah and furniture 2.4 billion rupiah. Soft launching is marked by the signing of the inscription by General Director Belmawa Kemenristekdikti. (Dedy)

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