Department of Mechanical Engineering Education UNY organized exhibition of student’s work behind KPLT Building (07/02/2020). This event was held as part of final result of the course on applied technology from student of class 2013. There were numbers of product innovation that expected to answer various problems in our society. Besides being used as an exhibition to promote UNY students work, this event was also used to asses and test the student work product.

Head of Mechanical Engineering Education Department, Dr. Apri Nuryanto, M.T. explained that the applied technology course was optional and emphasized more on improving students skill to develop new technology based on the latest current issues in the engineering field. “Each technology product is made by a team consisting of 3 or more students and a supervisor with completion period of 1 semester,” he said.

Students provided information on their innovative product through poster and pamphlet. Some them gave live demonstration on how their product work. One of the demonstration was done for Automatic Mop Machine. This innovation was developed by Kevin M. Rizal, Dany Nur, Abizar Ihza and Dani Purwadi.  Another interesting product was 3D printer developed by Muh. Shodiq Firmansyah, Yanuar Ari Senna and Afrin Bayu Aditya.

“I think some product still on the level of development,” Tri Martanto, one of the public visitors said. (hryo,Tj.Lak)

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