UNY Partnership with Belitung for Better Human Resources Quality

UNY Partnership with government on education

The Belitung Regency Government signed a joint agreement with Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta (UNY) on Wednesday (25/1) in Sleman by Belitung Regent Sahani Saleh, S.Sos and UNY Rector Prof. Sumaryanto. "We have been waiting for a collaborative visit from Belitung Regency. Hopefully, we will get a positive result from the collaboration we will carry out with Belitung Regency," said the Rector of UNY.

UNY and the Belitung Regency government have the opportunity to work together on several potential activities. UNY is prepared to assist in the establishment of SKO (Special Schools Sports), coaching achievement sports (archery, silat, athletics, beach volleyball), implementing a teacher profession program, increasing the competence of entrepreneurship-based for high school and vocational school teachers, increasing competence of school principals, improving human resources through further studies, placing integrated community services and developing digital-based learning innovations.

"The cooperation between Belitung Regency and UNY is vital. The Belitung people's achievement index is only 72.8," said Belitung Regent Sahani Saleh. The number of students from Belitung who study in Yogyakarta is no less than 300 people and is not recorded in the community achievement index. The problem is that Belitung still lacks 421 elementary and junior high school teachers. "I hope that prospective Belitung students can be accepted at UNY through the Regent's recommendation, which the Belitung Government will fund," he said. (Author: Dedy, Tj. Lak)

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