Food security is the foundation of community welfare. Therefore, the development of livestock and increasing public awareness to enter this field are very important.

This was revealed by Prof. Sutrisna Wibawa, Rector of UNY, in a Food Security Talkshow that was held at Sinatria Farm Pakem Sleman recently. Guided by Vita Krisnadewi M.Si as the owner of the Sinatria Farm Sheep Farm, the discussion was followed by Prof. Suyanta Chairperson of LPPM UNY, Prof. Siswantoyo Vice Dean I of FIK UNY, and Sismono La Ode UNY's Personal Assistant to the Rector. This discussion was broadcast live through Sinatria Farm's Youtube Channel and UNY Social Media Accounts.

"There is still a lot of vacant land in the Kulonprogo, Bantul, and Gunungkidul areas which so far have yet to be used. While many of our people are unemployed, and we even imported a lot of food. This is why we need to work on food security seriously, so that it becomes the foundation of people's welfare, "Sutrisna said.

Multiplier Effect of the Animal Husbandry Industry

Through the development of the livestock industry, benefit is not only for farmers. The community will also get benefit directly or indirectly.

Sutrisna refers to what has happened at Sinatria Farm Pakem. For animal feed needs, Sinatria needs about five kilograms of processed grass and protein each day. The grass must have been bought from the surrounding community. Not to mention coupled with the opening of employment opportunities with the livestock industry. So that means, the economy that revolves around the livestock industry provides sustenance for the surrounding community.
The same thing also happened in the form of utilizing Sinatria Farm as a tourist attraction. This farm has a simple playground in front of it, as well as a minimalist and clean condition of the cage. Interested people can visit this farm. Revenues can later come from parking tickets to selling food.

"The farm even has a social media account and a Youtube Channel, so the livestock industry can be promoted in non-conventional ways. Besides promoting livestock as a tourist destination, it can also educate the public about food security, "added Sutrisna.

Scoping for Future Pilot Project

The good practices of Sinatria Farm, would be explored by Sutrisna and UNY to be applied elsewhere. In Piyungan Bantul, for example, LPPM has a fairly large amount of land and is planned to build a large scale farm.

Prof. Suyanta as Chairman of the LPPM said that the exploration of cooperation to make Sinatia Farm a pilot farm could begin sometime next year. Through assessment later it will be known, in what fields UNY can learn and emulate the technology and practices of livestock that have been owned by Sinatia Farm.

"Incidentally, because this year the Corona Pandemic has happened, so that the construction of livestock in Piyungan and grants have been delayed. This project will begin next year, "concluded Suyanto. (Ilham Dary A, Tj.Lak)

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