The Directorate General of Higher Education announced the Cluster of Indonesian Higher Education in 2020. Based on the press release, UNY has entered as the 12th university on cluster 1 of Higher Education in Indonesia. The Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, Prof. Dr. Margana, M.Hum., M.A. said that this achievement is the result of support, , synergy and collaboration of all parties, including leaders, academicians, and educational staff so that UNY can return to Cluster I as the 12th Best Universities in Indonesia .

In the press release, the Director General of Higher Education, Prof. Nizam explained that clustering is an effort by the Directorate General of Higher Education to map the performance of Indonesian academic universities under the guidance of the Ministry of Education and Culture.

"This clustering is not a ranking but a grouping of universities according to their level of development. This clustering should not be mistaken as a ranking, "explained Nizam, starting his presentation. Nizam explained that the main purpose of clustering was to provide a foundation for development policy development, higher education development and to encourage universities to improve the quality of implementation of the tridharma of higher education in a sustainable manner. Higher education clustering serves to provide information to the general public about the quality of higher education performance in Indonesia.

Nizam further explained that in 2020, various information related to the performance of Indonesian universities was again identified based on four main aspects, including the quality of human resources and students (input), management of higher education institutions (process), short-term performance achievements achieved by universities (output), and long-term performance achievements of higher education (outcome). However, there are some changes / additions to the indicators reflecting each of the main components so that it is hoped that the main components will better reflect the condition of Indonesian tertiary institutions in accordance with the coverage of each of these main components.

In the aspect of the UNY process, it occupies no 2 out of 10 universities with the highest score under IPB. There are 9 indicators used, including Institutional Accreditation, Study Program Accreditation, Online Learning, Higher Education Collaboration, PDDIKTI Reports, Number of Study Programs in collaboration with Business Institution, NGOs or QS Top 100 WCU by subject, Number of Study Programs implementing independent learning programs, Number of students participating in the Free Learning Program. (Sud, Tj.Lak).


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