Present student is not only required to be skillful in organization activitiesandclass activities. It is important to have a lot of experience, one of which is the experience of participating in international activities. It will boost better understanding about how things work globally. This will give a good hint on how to deal with various challenges and disruptive changes.  In 2019, students of Sociology Education at the Faculty of Social Sciences of UniversitasNegeri Yogyakarta,UlfahNurHikmawati, had the opportunity to participate in an international program, namely summer school, which was held by INHA University, Incheon, South Korea.

Ulfah explained, the summer school program was held not long ago for 3 weeks. From Monday to Thursday, participants get lessons in class and on Friday the participants must take a field trip such as a visit to Myeongdong by watching the 'Nanta' and Lotte World Show. Through the field trip activities, the participants were introduced to the culture of the South Korean people directly.

Ulfah further said that many courses were offered in the summer school program, so participants could choose courses according to their wishes or according to the majors at their home university. One compulsory subject that must be followed is Korean Culture Workshop while the other two subjects are free to choose participants.

"I chose two courses that were passionate and relevant to my major, namely the Introduction to Korea and its Culture and Introduction to Korean Cinema courses because lately South Korean culture or often called Hallyu or Korean Wave is becoming a possible phenomenon that has entered Indonesian culture "she explained

"Participants in the program are provided with quite good dormitory facilities. The facilities include a dining hall where participants get breakfast and dinner every day, WiFi access at all times, a gym, laundry, computer lab, and reading and study rooms. In addition, "The safety and health of the participants was also very heeded" she said

The girl who is also a basketball athlete added that the activities on campus were very enjoyable, even though in one subject it took three hours. According to her, lectures are not boring because lecturers apply different methods every day. The most impressive thing during participating in activities at INHA University is the timeliness in carrying out various activities. (UNH / Eko;Tj.Lak)

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