UNY Strengthens Collaboration Opportunities with Partner Universities in Malaysia


IKIP Yogyakarta was part of the Faculty of Pedagogics UGM, established in 1955 and transforms into Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta in 1999. In 2022 UNY's achievements in the QS World University Ranking by Subject were ranked 301-350 in the world, number 2 in Indonesia, as a capital step towards a World Class University. For this reason, it is necessary to initiate and accelerate cooperation with the Top 100 and Non-Top 100 QS WUR, industry, multinational companies, organizations, start-up companies, the Indonesian Embassy (KBRI), and Indonesian Schools Abroad (SILN). This information was conveyed by the Vice-Rector for Academic and Student Affairs, Prof. Siswantoyo, in a meeting with university partners at Santa Grand Signature Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Siswantoyo further said UNY has 61 undergraduate study programs with 29 internationally accredited study programs, 53 excellent and eight good accredited study programs. "There are also master and doctoral programs," he said recently. The master's program has 14 internationally accredited study programs, 24 excellent accredited study programs, eight well-accredited study programs and one dual degree program. There are four internationally accredited study programs for the doctoral program, five excellent accredited study programs, six well-accredited study programs and one dual degree program. UNY opens cooperation in joint curriculum, joint research, visiting professors and joint publications, citations, and speakers at International Conferences as keynote or invitations. As for the exchange of staff or students, there are credit transfer programs, student exchange, short/summer courses, double degrees, joint degrees or joint curricula.

In this activity, there were representatives from several universities in Malaysia, such as Prof. Dr. Norkhalid Bin Salimin, Deputy Vice-Cancellor (Student Affairs & Alumni) and Associate Professor Dr. Mohd Izwan Bin Shahril Director, director of Corporate Communications Division from UPSI, Associate Prof. Dr. Abdul Halim Bin Mokim. Dr. Abdul Halim Bin Mokhtar Dean Office Faculty of Medicine UM, Prof. Dr. Kim Geok Soh and Dr. Borhannudin Abdullah from UPM, Kamal Bin Talib, Ph.D from UMT, Dr. Rozita Abdul Latif Lecturer Fakulti Sains Sukan dan Rekreasi and Raja Mohammed Firhad Raja Azidin from UiTM. While from UNY, the Vice Chancellor for Planning and Finance, Prof. Lantip Diat Prasojo, Vice Chancellor for General Affairs and Resources, Prof. Edi Purwanta, Chairman of the Senate, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Deans and Directors of Postgraduate Schools, Directors, Secretary of AKA, Secretary of the Chancellor, Expert Staff, Secretary of the KKN PK Unit, Head of Sub-Directorate and Academic Heads were present.

On this occasion, both parties discussed the possibility of further collaboration in various fields. The representative of UPSI explained that the PK exchange should be continued, hafiz students can be accepted in PK pesantren, joint research and joint degrees, Multi-Country Center and Automotive Center to improve the automotive compartment. Also, cooperation with schools for children under 18 and publications for Scopus. UM suggested cooperation in terms of collaboration teaching, publications, research, student and staff mobility and conferences. Joint funds for matching grants and research collaboration should not stop. Dean of FMIPA UNY Prof. Ariswan stated that there are already MoUs with several universities, including the implementation of MoA / IA in FMIPA to produce joint work with universities in Malaysia. "Now it is only at the level of Visiting Professor, student exchange, speaker, Guest Lecturer," he said. Meanwhile, according to the Dean of FIPP Prof. Sujarwo after Eid, 6 FIPP Departments went to Malaysia and 3 Departments to Thailand. Also escorted Student Exchange around 30 people from the Department of Career Guidance at UPSI, UKM (Psychology, Basic Education). A visit from UM to UNY for joint publication, joint lecturer and student. "July invited the Dean of HR UPSI for meetings and other collaborations," said Sujarwo. (Author: Dedy, Editor: Yuyun, Tj.Lak)

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