UNY Student Won the KU82 Shirt Design Contest at Kasetsart University


UNY is always committed to providing a memorable learning experience. For this reason, UNY tries to establish cooperation with various partners to open up student exchange opportunities, internships, and academic and non-academic programs. At the beginning of 2022, UNY has sent students to participate in the credit transfer program. One of the universities that have accepted UNY students is Kasetsart University (KU) Thailand. For January to May 2022, UNY sent Andri Mustiko Wicaksono, a UNY Automotive Engineering Education Study Program student, to study at KU.

In implementing this credit transfer program, Andri had the opportunity to take part in the "KU 82 Shirt Design Contest (17/02/2022)". This competition is a routine schedule of Kasetsart University before distributing t-shirts for new students who change designs every year. The Kasetsart University Student Administrative Board held this competition to capture the best designs from the works of KU students. This competition was held on January 24 - February 17 2022, and can be participated by Thai and international students. The score is obtained from 30 percent of student voting votes and 70 percent of the jury's assessment.

Strengthened with experience in graphic design while studying at UNY, the design that Andri sent turned out to be the first winner in the KU 82 Shirt Design Contest 2022. Andri presented a t-shirt design entitled "The Spirit of Kasetsart University". "According to the Kasetsart committee team, I succeeded in making history as an exchange student who won the competition," said Andri.
Furthermore, 12,000 pcs of T-shirts with Andri's design will be printed according to the number of new students from batch 82 at Kasetsart University.(hryo, Tj.Lak)

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