As a country surrounded by three main plates of the world, namely Eurasia, Indoaustralia and the Pacific and being passed by a series of active volcanoes, Indonesia is vulnerable to disasters, especially the potential of earthquakes to tsunamis. To minimize any potential casualities, an early detection system is needed. To answer the need,  students of Mechatronic Engineering Education Study Program, Faculty of Engineering, UNY, designed the Automatic Tsunami Early Warning System synchronized with Indonesian Meteorology Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) and loudspeakers in places of worship so as to minimize the victims of the tsunami disaster. They are Riza Atika, Anung Endra Raditya and Rohsan Nur Marjianto.

According to Riza Atika, they designed a tsunami early warning device by downloading data from the official web address of BMKG as raw data for valid information from BMKG which was downloaded with a mini PC and then processed. "If the location data is in accordance with the location that will be affected by the tsunami, the data will be sent via Short Message Service (SMS)," said Riza. "The received data  will help to trigger the loudspeaker of the place of worship to give sound based warning." Anung Endra Raditya added that the system will speed up the delivery of warnings of potential tsunami. Loudspeakers at places of worship such as Mosque are chosen because they are easy to find and located strategically in the middle of community..

According to Rohsan Nur Marjianto, the tools needed in the process of completing this tsunami early detection system are multimeters, Tool sets, and other hand tools for assembly.  Raspberry Pi 3 Model B is used as the latest earthquake data processing server. The server is also equipped with a 6 inch Capacitive Touch Screen as a media to monitor the condition of the working server. GSM module is used as a sending data media to the located alarm system. Arduino Uno is used to reprocess data sent by the server to be used as parameters for turning on an alarm. To display a tsunami warning, the Dot Matrix Module is used as a warning through visual media and the Alarm Speaker as a warning through audio media. While for the power supply media, the 12V 5A power supply is used as the main source and the DC-DC step-down module as a voltage divider for other electronic components.

The early warning system will update earthquake event data regularly every 5 minutes.  Hopefully, it will give sufficient early warning and minimize any potential casualities.  This work succeeded in gaining Dikti funds in the Student Creativity Program in the field of Copyright in 2019. (Dedy)

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