UNY Students Representatives Joined the Youth Educators Regional Training 2013












       On Saturday and Monday, 28th-29th of December 2013, Yogyakarta State University students representatives joined the Youth Educators Regional Training (YERT 2013) under the theme “Education to Employment: What Would (Youth) Educators Do?” viewing the educational and socio-economic aspects. This was one of the programs initiated by Youth Educators Sharing Network (Youth ESN) by the students of Universitas Siswa Bangsa Internasional Sampoerna School of Foundation, Jakarta.

       According to Youth ESN, the theme was originated from the research of McKinsey & Co., UNESCO and ILO, started from 2008. The research revealed that there was a gap between educational system and working field in some countries, especially in some developing ones such as Indonesia. Regarding this issue, YERT did not only facilitate the participants to discuss the employment demans in big cities, but also how to create employment opportunities in rural areas.

       The trained YSU students had been actively involved in YERT 2012 as teachers for Yogyakarta Regional Representatives. The 2012 participants served as the local committee  in the YERT 2013 in collaboration with USBI students as the central committee.

       Representing students of Yogyakarta state University as the local committee were Janu Muhammad from the Geographic Education Department, Gisela Aventia Bedewoda from the German Education Department, and Adinuringtyas Herfi Rahmawati from the Counselling Department.

       For YERT 2013 participants, 14 students of YSU were eligible to participate as regional partcipants in Yogyakarta and Jakarta.

      After the programs, the participants are not only expected to have the skills of a teacher, but also an educator. Youth ESN encourages Indonesian youth from different backgrounds to collaborate and contribute to improve the education. (Adinuringtyas Herfi Rahmawati)


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