For students, following the outside activities such as scientific work competition both in the national and international arena is a pride for the university in the name of good. Likewise with some students of Yogyakarta State University who joined in the Ministry of Youth and Sports Education (DIKPORA) BEM KM UNY 2018 recently won 3 categories of silver award and 1 bronze award category in International Invention and Innovative Competition competition (InIIC Series 1/2018) held at the Federal Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. BEM KM UNY 2018 sends 4 teams with the first team chaired by Rosyid Shidiq Hidayatulloh (Chairman of BEM KM UNY 2018 - Chemistry) with members Muhson Isroni (Biology), Novita derma Rachmahdani (Mathematics), Riska Amalia (Civil Engineering Education), Riskya Oktariany ( Chemistry), Alina Sekar Widyarahmawati (English Literature Education) and Vita Fauziah (Penjas) by bringing the title STIMUNO is a muscle stimulant tool for post stroke patients and successfully won the silver award. Another Silver award was won by a second team chaired by Prihantini (Mathematics) with members Ema Imtihana Rosyida (Biology), Rezi Delfianti (Electrical Engineering Education), Muhammad Ghozi (Electrical Engineering Education) by bringing in the form of tools to detect garbage in culverts namely APESAT.

The last silver award winner is the third team headed by Ammar Muhammad (History of History) with members of Riana Dwi Kurniawati (PBSI), Lusiana Indriani (PBSI), Ebson Sulaiman Siringiringo (PKO) and Dwiana Rahmawati (Electrical Engineering Education) with mambawakan in the form of fire detectors in EWS peat soil (Early Warning System). In addition, the fourth team also won a bronze award chaired by Jihan Lutfita (Geography) with members Violita Adityaningtyas (Mathematics), Ali Azizi (Mathematics), Niken Ayu (IKOR), Hamzah Zulfikar (Head of Department of Dikpora - Psychology), Aji Anjasmara (IKOR), Baasitha Nur Cahyaning (Psychology) by bringing the work of MUFFLER equipped with a filter in the form of mahogany leaf extract. According to Prihantini (BEM KM UNY 2018 Reasoning) "This is the first step to realize the vision of BEM KM UNY in welcoming UNY to World Class University by contributing to the University in the form of achievement, besides that this is expected to realize one of BEM KM's objectives as intermediate students to students who are critical and achievers of the issues both from outside and within campus. Through the Division of Reasoning of the Department of Dikpora BEM KM is expected to contribute to UNY and provide the event and invite students to participate in various competitions through the sharing of related information and other achievement development events and also to motivate UNY students to continue to achieve the achievement.

The contest is a concept of exhibition and presentation where each invention gets a table with a jury in which the question and answer system is in English. The tools that should be provided in this event are posters, brochures, articles and invention products. Jurors from various countries, spinning around each table and asking questions with inventors. The description of the work, product excellence, implementation and subject matter of the patent becomes a mandatory question of the jury. In the journey, the team from BEM KM UNY always has many obstacles such as time management between them, trial and preparation. But for the crackers PKM Department in BEM KM UNY, constraints is a challenge that must be sought way out together because cohesiveness is the main determining factor. Hopefully all UNY colleagues and students of Indonesia always give great contribution to his country. The International Competition is an annual event held by the State Library of Malaysia with MNNF Network Malatsia and several other international partners. This event is followed by several inventors from various countries including Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Vietnam, USA and some other countries where participants are categorized into 4 classes: Classed A: Professional Science and Engineering, Classed B: Preofessional Science, Engineering and Technology, Classed C: Higher Institution Student and Classed D: School Students. The team from BEM KM UNY belonging to the Classed C: Higher Institution category with the invention and innovation specifications is a very strong challenge because there are so many participants from other countries who bring enough advanced work and have advanced research and even some who already have certain awards and has patent rights. (Titin)

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