SD Negeri 1 Talang Jawa, Pulau Panggung District, Tanggamus Regency, Lampung Province is one of the schools targeted to implement the Teaching Campus Program initiated by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology together with UNY and other partner universities. Alya Nurfita Bella from the Physics Education Study Program, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, UNY, had the opportunity to participate this program.

Alya teaches grades 1 to grade 3. Here, Alya finds many students are still far behind in their learning materials. Many students still find it difficult to read. To improve students' abilities, Alya gave them writing assignments that they had to read independently. This method was chosen because Alya considered that the students did not have too much difficulty writing because they could imitate it on the blackboard. "I provide tutoring after school for students who are having a hard time," said Alya.

In addition to students' reading skills that are still inadequate, online learning efforts are also quite challenging to implement. This happens because the majority of students do not have an Android-based device. Therefore, the school decided to carry out limited learning in schools offline with a quota of 3 students studying alternately so that there were no crowds.

Along with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, this elementary school began to implement limited offline learning. Students whose class contains only 18 students or less enter every day to study for 2 hours, while if there are more than 18 students, they are divided into two sessions and do not attend a class every day. As a student majoring in physics education, Alya teaches natural science learning materials, including making simple practical on fluids, which leads objects to float, float, and sink.  She also teaches other subjects such as sports and making wall magazines. (Dedy, Tj. Lak)

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