Yuli Arti from the Department of Education FMIPA had attended PPL Overseas program at Lampang Rajabhat University Thailand. There Yuli was assigned to teach at Aruban Lampang Khelangrat Anusorn School (SD equivalent). In schools where most of the students are from Thailand, Japan, and other countries, Yuli Teaches Science and English class IV.
This is explained by Yuli Arti after the Yogisium FMIPA UNY Period March 2018 held on Thursday, 29/3/18. Yudisium was attended by 35 participants. Of that number 20 of them graduated with cum laude predicate. In the yudisium Ulfia Nurul Khikmah from Biology study graduated with the highest GPA of 3.84.
Further said, the interesting thing is the students are already good at speaking English. This is because parents have taught their children to speak English since childhood.
"In the school there is a strict culture applied to the students, for example the school" tega "punish the elementary school students if not do homework (PR). But even though those who teach them are PPL students, the students remain respectful, "he said.
Regarding learning, Yuli told that science learning is often associated with other things such as art. For example making craft phases of the month on art lessons. Also when making lanterns the nature of a gas object.
Meanwhile, another yudisium participant, Cesaria Nawang Bintari from Biology Department, told of his experience during a credit transfer program at Yala Rajabhat University Thailand with 5 other friends.
"In the credit transfer program that took place from February to May 2016, I took 5 courses with 15 credits, and all got an A", he said.
For the conversation of the students there many use Malay language, because there are still few who can speak English. But lecturers who teach a lot of English use because there we are. The teaching material (power point) is also in English.
Described, for his learning every day there course only a little but its long duration can be up to 4 hours because the time is not shared on another day. (witono)

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