Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta hosted meeting with Universitas Kuningan (UNIKU). UNIKU delegates led by the Rector of UNIKU, Dr. Dikdik Harjadi, S.E., M.Sc has visited UNY Center of Intellectual Property Rights(IPR) on 8 August 2019. At the same day, UNIKU Delegates also got the chance to meet with UNY Vice Rector for Planning and Cooperation, Dr.rer.nat. Senam.

Related with the prior visit to UNY IPR Center, UNIKU interested to boost more IPR and believed that the visit will help the target to increase the number of products with registered IPR. Related with IPR, Dr.rer.nat. Senam stated that it is relatively easy to apply for IPR, and UNY has proven that with increasing number of products made by lecturers and students registered to obtain IPR. "This year, our target is to have around 200 IPR products," he said.

Dr.rer.nat. Senam explained that UNY has developed research collaboration with several universities in Malaysia in the form of shared funding. This collaboration has helped UNY to gain international insight and research experience with reasonable cost to cover. In accordance with UNY experience, Dr. Dikdik Harjadi, S.E., M.Sc explained that UNIKU actually has also set a joint research with Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM). "It would be great if between UNY, UNIKU, and UUM could establish joint research cooperation. With the increasing number of parties involved, the quality of research could be further improved," continued Dr.rer.nat. Senam commented.(Laksa)

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