The grand event of Indonesia Robot Contest (KRI) National Level 2018 has been held in Sportorium University of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta on 11 - 13 July 2018. A total of 91 teams from various universities in Indonesia show skill and robot competitions in this contest. UNY sent five teams in this contest, including Team Maestro_Evo in ABU Indonesia Robot Contest, Team Mobo-Evo in Indonesian Wheelball Robot Contest, Gareng Punk Team in Indonesian Fire Extinguisher Robot Contest, Team Al-'Aadiyaat in Humanoid Robot Soccer Contest Indonesia, and Tim Rosemery in Indonesian Art Robot Contest.
The Rosemery team consists of two robotic twins dancing in accordance with the theme of Indonesian Dance Robot Contest (KRSTI) this year, Remo Dance from East Java. The struggle that Rosemery faced during the contest was not easy and smooth as expected. The successive problems were encountered when Rosemery was in the preliminary round which was held three times, such as lack of movement, robot fall, to endless hardware problems. While teams from several other universities are trying to show the best, such as UGM, PENS, UB, ITS favorites champion. Rahmad Prasetyo as Team Leader Rosemery said "Our journey to the race day H race is not smooth like toll roads, many corners, climbs and derivatives we have to face for 1 year. Especially often our robots have an error during training until the preliminary round ".
After going through a pretty heavy journey finally all the obstacles that occur can be solved well, all thanks to team strength and prayer from all supporters including academic community of UNY. Rosemery managed to get the first winner in Indonesian Dance Robot Contest (KRSTI) in 2018 which means that Team Robot can defend Champion and bring UNY good name in National arena. "Alhamdulillah this year we managed to defend the Champion. This way the challenge for subsequent years will be even harder. Hope the next generation of Robotics UNY keep trying and do not easily become proud of the victory we can in this year ", said Rahmad. (gto / per / vga)

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