Faculty of Engineering YSU in collaboration with Universiti Teknologi Malaysia organized joint seminar entitled “International Scientific Research Publication Seminar in TVET (Technical And Vocational Education and Training)” on Saturday (28/11/2015) in KPLT Building, Faculty of Engineering YSU. Attending the seminar were Master’s students of Vocational Education from both universities.

Assosiate Professor Dr. Yahya Bin Buntat from UTM asserted the goal of this agenda is to provide space for scientific sharing among students particularly in terms of writing research report. “YSU and UTM concern the same, namely developing vocational education, and thus this seminar is expected to stimulate students in conducting joint-research,” he suggested.

Dean of Faculty of Engineering YSU, Dr. Moch. Bruri Triyono, stated that collaboration with UTM has started, proven with the delegation of several  YSU students to do teaching practice in Malaysia under coordination of UTM. In exchange, UTM also sends some of their students to have teaching practice in Indonesia.

“This joint-seminar is expected to become a breaktrough for improving research quality as students are given a chance to present their paper in front of international audience,” says the Dean of Faculty of Engineering YSU.

Associate Professor Dr. Yahya Bin Buntat as a keynote speaker revealed the increased awarness on adapting the TVET to fulfil the fast-changing economic requirements both in national and global scope, has encouraged all parties in charge to keep making innovation.

“Recently, TVET in Asia-Pacific is going through transition and reorientation period to meet the provision of basic skills according to specialty while giving necessary knowledge and information other than their specialty,” he said.
In addition, he denoted that the focus of TVET development is to provide space and proper equipment using longlife education concept, in the attempt to widen and improve students’ knowledge.

After key note speaker session ended, the attendees were splitted into 3 groups in parallel session where students of both universities could present their paper on improvement of vocational education.

One of the attendees,  Fakhrul IIzhar Bin Ramlee, a Master student of UTM, was pleased and proud for given chance to present his writing in front of YSU students. “Through this forum, we also got positive feedback regarding our research project, “ he revealed. (Noname)


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