To contribute UNY effort  towards Wolrd Class University, Faculty of Sport Sciences through Sport Coaching Education Study Program invited Dee Dee Mahmood from Singapore. Dee Dee is a lecturer at Edith Cowan University, Singapore. She completed her bachelor of Science and Sport management at Edith Cowan University and completed her post graduate in Gymnastic Science at Nanyang University Singapore.

On her 7 days visits from 10 to 17 November 2019, Dee Dee gave lecture for Sport Sciences study program in UNY. For bachelor degree students, she gave the lecture on “Strategic Communication Skill & Network”. Students were taught to be more confident and able to communicate well wherever, whenever and with anyone. Students were very enthusiastic and gave positive feedback for the activity.

“Why do you want to write for a journal? What is your purpose? Did you write for research assessment? Or to make a difference? Does your writing have an impact or impact factor? Do you want to develop a profile in a certain area? Will this determine which journal you write?," such questions were raised by Dee Dee during her presentation on Writing Journal Publication in Sport for UNY Sport Science Master Program students. Those questions are important. Those who write their first paper then search for the journal who willing to publish the paper may find it difficult. “Save your time by setting journal targets and find out how to write in a way that suits the journal," she gave the point.

Dee Dee also shared her knowledge on Research Network, Writing Journal & Join Publication for UNY lecturers from Faculty of Sport Science who are currently taking their doctoral degree.  This event was expected to encourage participants to complete their studies and get fresh ideas for future publication.

Dee Dee received many awards, namely as a recipient of the Asia Beauty & Wellness Award 2017, the Jetstar SG50 Celebrate the Hero Award, the UM Cares Universiti Malaya Award, the Singapore Gold Award and the Sporting Inspiration Award and became the ambassador of the Reebok Brand and Healthy Lifestyle Ambassador. (PD, Ant; Tj.Lak)

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