Vivit's Experience in the Credit Transfer Program at the University of Münster, Germany


"I like German. Since high school, although I majored in mathematics and science, there are cross-interests in foreign languages ​​offered specifically for mathematics and science students. Two foreign languages ​​are offered, namely English and German. Honestly, I was delighted and interested that I could learn German at school. Germany is one of the developed countries on the European continent, famous for its industrial and technological advances. Knowing that, I am excited to study German," said Vivit Ariyani Saputri, a student at UNY who participated in the credit transfer program at the University of Münster, Germany.

At the end of last semester, UNY German lecturers informed us that there would be a selection for credit transfer for one semester at the University of Münster through the Internationale Studien-und Ausbildungspartnerschaft (ISAP) scheme. Vivit took advantage of this golden opportunity and passed the selection. "On March 28, 2022 I officially fly to Germany," she said. Even though the weather in Germany in March has started to enter the spring (Frühling), Vivit is lucky to be still able to enjoy the snow.

Students at the University of Münster typically use tablets to take notes and access any lecture materials. "At the University of Münster, to study, we use German-language Learnweb, which functions similarly to UNY's besmart," she said. Digitizing this learning certainly has practical value and reduces paper use.

"When I first arrived in Germany, I still ate rice. Based on my friend's agreement, we brought approximately 1 kg of rice each from Indonesia, at least to adapt in the first week," she said. So far, every morning, Vivit has had a half-boiled egg and Müsli for breakfast, or it can also be served with a vegetable salad. Müsli is local German food. To cook it, you need to take four tablespoons of Müsli, then boil briefly with a bit of water until thick, drain into a bowl, add one teaspoon of honey, pour soy milk or cow's milk, add sliced ​​bananas, and add cherry fruit on top as a topping. "Healthy food ingredients easily found in supermarkets and at affordable prices make me feel at home, and there are no problems with food," concluded Vivit. (Dedy, Tj. Lak)

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