Vocational High School Student Olympic at YSU Faculty of Engineering

Vocational High School Student Olympic at YSU Faculty of Engineering

In the 54th anniversary of the Faculty of Engineering, the faculty held a Vocational High School student Olympic in11 categories.
Moch. Solikin, M.Kes., as the coordinator of the event said that the olympic is aimed at improving students’ competence and spirit of competition.
“There were eleven categories for the competition which were also based on the types of study programs available at the Faculty of Engineering. The categories were Robotline, Webdesign, PLC programming, Electrical Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Welding, CAD, Brigde Construction Design, Party Gowns, Western Bridal Make up, and Sweet Potato Dish,” he said.
“Each vategory has its mechanism and regulation. One example is bridge construction design category. It was joined by secondary vocational students from the Special Territory of Yogyakarta and Central Java. In this competition, they have to create the bridge prototype by using ice cream sticks.”
The coordinator of the bridge construction category, Muhammad Firdausi Ahla, added that the competition was also a way to familiarized Vocational High School students with similar competitions. "It challenges them to put the theory into practice. When I was studying at my vocational high school, there was no competition for architecture engineering students at vocational high school level. I really hope that the participants have gained more experience by joining this competition," he continued.
8 out of 20 teams went to final round for the bridge construction design. Then, each team had to present their design in front of a panel of judges.

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