Watch Service, an Anti-Mainstream Business of UNY Students


Globalization, which encourages scientific advances and technological developments, especially information technology, has fostered an entrepreneur spirit and it is very important to grow in someone’s soul. Especially if the entrepreneur spirit is raised from an early age. Entrepreneurship has a very important role. With entrepreneurship being able to find new innovations and new ideas in managing the available natural resources, entrepreneurship is the process of developing and applying creativity and innovation in solving problems and being able to see opportunities to create a business. One of these entrepreneurs is Ahmad Akrom Hasani. The student of the physics study program at the faculty of Mathematics and Science UNY pioneered a business that was not mainstream, namely by opening a service business or repairing watches and wall clocks.

According to the man who was born in Batang on February 15, 2002, this business started in October 2020 when the covid-19 pandemic began to be spread in Indonesia. "At that time, an idea appeared where we had to be productive by being able to have an extra source of income, especially since learning is done online, this certainly makes us more frlexible to be able to develop ourselves in the business field," said Akrom, his nickname. As a result of the ideas that appeared, an online watch service was chosen. In starting this business, during the semester break Akrom studied with his uncle in Batang on how to repair watches. "Besides learning about watches, I also learned how to serve customers," he said on Tuesday (31/1). It was quite easy to learn because Akrom has had experience selling since grade fourth in elementary school. For 2 months, the alumni of SMAN 1 Minggir Sleman learned how to disassemble and service the watch, reassemble the watch and cut the watch chain.

After returning to Yogyakarta, Akrom began to sell his watch service to his friends. Receiving a positive response, the Sendangagung Minggir Sleman resident had the courage to promote his business through pamphlets, social media and expanded to the Facebook marketplace where Akrom met many new people with different attitudes and behaviors. "The watch service workshop that used to only serve friends through whatsapp information is growing, it cannot be denied that family plays a very important role in the development of my business," said Akrom. The student who received the bidikmisi scholarship also began to manage his time between studying, working and doing other activities as the business developed. His watch service activities are aligned with his hobbies in the field of electronics because watches also contain elements of electronics, especially digital watches.

The son of Mashadi, an ice dawet camcau (Javanese traditional drink which is made from rice flour and is served with coconut milk and palm sugar liquid) seller, and Nurul Nikmah, a housewife, plans to develop this business to the stage of selling watches, and in 2023 will be launching a new online business branch in the marketplace under the name Al Hasan Arloji. The business will be engaged in selling watches with hopes of finding new innovations, while watch servicing will be one of his business lines. Akrom wants to recruit students, give them trainings so that they will not only have the knowledge, but also be able to cooperate by sharing profits. So that afterwards students can have their own business and become independent.

The 3.65 GPA winner expects that from this simple business, although it does not fully guarantee high profits, the knowledge and experience in growing an entrepreneurial spirit will be a worthy reward for each step in doing business. "Of all the dreams and hopes are not limited to that, but later this business will be developed in the form of a well-organized business so that it can open up great business opportunities for many people and help improve the quality of the surrounding environment," he concluded.

One of the customers, Muhammad Abdullah, was satisfied with Akrom's work in repairing his watch. "The watch that was slow and did not move was found to have a weak battery, now it's better," said the math student of FMIPA (Faculty of Mathematics and Science) UNY. While Bentar Paksi Megananda said the dead watch came back to life, maximum service and fast process. "Akrom has great watch repair shop" said the Japanese literature student. (Writer : Dedy, Editor : Sudar, T: Karina)

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