Wearing A Traditional Outfit, GURT Drew The Judges’ Attention on Business Presentation of SFJ 2015, Japan


The opening ceremony of 2015 Student Formula Japan competition was held on Tuesday, 1 September 2015 at 09.30. The competition has challenged Garuda UNY Racing Team that forces the team to prepare many things.

The assesment considers the car excellence, the adroitness of racer and the team performance in presenting their work.

On the first day of the competition, the team delivered Business Logic Plan (BLP) presentation at Conference Room in ECOPA Stadium within 30 minutes, divided into description and question-answer sessions. Garuda UNY Racing Team managed to catch the judges’ attention from the outfits they wore. Two representatives, Anis and Novia, decided to wear kebaya, a traditional female outfit, to promote Indonesian culture. In addition, they also served warm, spiced ginger drinks for the judges. Bondan said in his capacity as the leader of the team and as BLP presenter “We do intend to introduce our local wisdom. The jury responded positively, but we knew that there are some points to be improved from the presentation”.

Yesterday, they did technical preparation related with the readiness of the car, brakes, steering, and also identified if there is fluid leakage. Teams that qualify at the scrutineering stage soon deserve the chance to try the track at the competition. In order to drive the car named Garuda F15, the team has appointed 3 key racers, and 1 additional racer. Hasbi Brilliant Kumara, Roni Suprapto and Nawfal Annas Fauzi are the main drivers, while Ninda Kurniadi plays as the additional one. Garuda UNY Racing Team will compete with the other teams on the autocross, endurance, acceleration and skidpad tracks. (Dyah NH)

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