Prof. Dr. Jemal Husein Abawajy from the Faculty of Science, Technology and the Build Environment, Deakin University, Australia delivered his lecture at the Faculty of Mathematics and Sciences, YSU in the agenda of Workshop on Big Data. The workshop was held in the faculty courtroom and attended by lecturers and students majoring in mathematics education.

In his lecture entitled "Big Data Analiytics: Recent Trends and Opportunities," Jemal explained that large data has become pervasive in all aspects of life, namely science, business, health, media, government, social networks, as well as national security.

Large data applications have been implemented in the field of health. Google has analyzed that a group of popular terms on search engine based on the areas in the United States predicts flu outbreaks faster than using the reports and notes in the hospital.

"In business, algorithm can also be used for detecting pregnant women by tracking purchases of items, such as fragrances, lotions, and special discounts and coupons to customers," he assured.

While for public areas, Jemal further stated that police could predict where and when crimes are most likely to occur. For the field of environment, large data is advantageous to identify the connection between air quality and health.

In agriculture, genomic analysis is employed to accelerate the breeding of crops, such as rice, while in the education, predictive analysis of large data is used for developing, personality, adaptive learning by determining level of students mastery, and whether lesson plans are in accordance with students’ learning needs. (witono)

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