Yala Rajabhat University Prepares Joint Research and Sit-In Programs at Yogyakarta State University


The Faculty of Education, Yogyakarta State University welcomed guests from Yala Rajabhat University (YRU), Thailand (5/8). In this visit, delegates from YRU led by Kessaree Ladlia, the Dean of Faculty of Education, discussed some points of cooperation between the two faculties of the universities. The agenda was opened by a speech from Ladlia. “We are very glad that we can cooperate with YSU, and our visit today is to discuss the joint research, preparation of exchange students, and draft of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU),” she explained.

The agenda was then continued by a discussion session led by Dr. Sugito, Vice Dean I of the Faculty of Education, YSU. He warmly welcomed YRU’s plan to send its six students to join a sit in program in this faculty. According to Kamolrat Kanongdate, the head of curriculum and instruction of YRU, the six students consisted of four students of early childhood education study program and two students of psychology and counseling education study program. They would start to have sit in from 20 to 30 May 2013. Besides conducting a student exchange which aimed at sharing students’ academic experience, the two universities would also conduct a cultural exchange in which students from the two universities would collaborate to have a cultural performance from two countries.

Kanongdate also proposed a joint research between the two universities. She expressed that YSU was a good partner and she believed that they would get a lot of knowledge from this university, and thus, it was an excellent partner to have a joint research. Concerning with this joint research, she explained that three lecturers of the Faculty of Education, YRU would collaborate with lecturers of Faculty of Education, YSU. There were two kinds of research, which discussed two topics, i.e. early childhood education and measurement evaluation. Three presenters from YRU also presented the three research proposals to discuss the possibility of cooperation. After the speakers presented their proposal, the participants from the Faculty of Education, YSU gave feedback, suggestions, and questions.

Another agenda was a discussion of the draft of MoU between the two universities. Finally, the agenda was officially closed by presentation of token and photo section. (hr)  

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