Youth Historian Competition Announces Two Ysu Students As The Runner Up


Youth Historian Competition organized by Historical Science Student Association (HSSA) of Airlangga University declares two YSU students as the Runner up of Poster category. In this competition, the YSU team was represented by Ahmad Agung Masykuri (Georgaphy Education 2013) and Moh. Samsul Arifin (Historical Science 2014). This year competition was the first Poster competition held by HSSA Airlangga by bringing the theme of "Vibrancy of Indonesian Foklores ". The final was held on Thursday, October 8th, 2015 at Chairil Anwar building, Faculty of Cultural Science, Airlangga University.

At this prestigious event, the two YSU students proposed the title of " Special Indonesia " for their work. According to them, culture and the traditions of Indonesia need to be reinstated and preserved by the younger generation, especially in facing the threats of foreign culture that is not necessarily in accordance with the values and norms practiced by Indonesians. The idea emerged from cultural diversity existing in Indonesia and has become the hereditary tradition amid the society.

Ahmad Masykuri, the leader of the team, felt grateful over this achievement because he and his companion is the only winning team that emerges the topic of Indonesia's culture as a whole, while most finalists choose the theme of folklore. "Alhamdulillah, although in the presentation, we got the last turn. However, it is capable of making us eager to showcase our best effort, "he said.

In this competition, 4 finalists came from universities in Indonesia, such Sepuluh November Institute, College of Islamic Science Kediri, and Yogyakarta State University. YSU team is awarded the Runner up, while the winner is Sepuluh November Institute of Surabaya, and the Second Runner up is State Islamic Higher Education. (Masykuri)

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