On Thursday, (17/12/2015), Swara Wadhana Choir of Yogyakarta State University (YSU) organized Grand Closing Concert Symphony of Swara Wadhana with the theme “Our Melody Tales”. Held in YSU Auditorium, the concert was end-year concert of 2015 stewardship that told their journey and story in 2015. Swara Wadhana (“SW”) choir showcased Mixed Choir and Indonesian ethnic songs serenaded with piano. The rehearsal run for 3 months. Attending the concert were YSU Vice Rector III, Vice Rector IV, lecturers, and audience from several neighboring universities, namely Gadjah Mada University, Islamic University of Indonesia, and also Diponegoro University from Semarang. The event run gloriously as the cheering, laugh, and applause fulfilled the auditorium.

A month before, “SW” was involved in 7th A Voyage of Songs, International Choral Festival, a grandeur, Asia – Pacific scaled agenda organized by Konzert and Fortune Travels from Singapore. Taking place in Penang, Malaysia on 26—29 November 2015, YSU mandated 41 delegates comprising singers, conductors, and crew. It is reported that 5 countries in Asia – Pacific joined the event, that is, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, and Indonesia.

Of 10 categories, “SW” joined 2 of them, namely Mixed Voice Category and Folklore Category. At the end of the event, “SW” secured its position by making some astonishing achievements, such as Gold C in Mixed Voice Choir Category, Gold C in Folklore Category, Top 7 Grand Champion, and most importantly, Winner in Mixed Voice Choir Category.

After the competition, “SW” proceeded their agenda by having Culture Concert Tour “Anggayuh Aruming Nuswantara” which philosophical foundation is to reach dream while promoting Indonesia in the international eyes. The event was to facilitate cultural exchange of both parties, as seen from the design of the event by combining dances performed by students of Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) and “SW” choir, YSU.

“SW” sung several etnic songs from Indonesia; let’s say Menthok-menthok, Manuk Dadali, O Ina Ni Keke. Their performance is as one of the efforts of “SW” Choir to widen their cooperation network to assert YSU mission, namely to be a World Class University. As an exchange, Encik Nato from Culture division of USM revealed USM choir would visit Indonesia that is hosted by YSU in the upcoming year. (Odhi)

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