YSU Elementary School Teacher Education Student Joins Indonesian Youth Adventure and Youth Leaders Forum

YSU Elementary School Teacher Education Student Joins Indonesian Youth Adventure and Youth Leaders Forum

Dyah Ayu Intan, a student at the Elementary School Teacher Education Department joined the Indonesian Youth Adventure and Youth Leaders Forum from the 23rd of April to the 4th of May 2015 held by Gerakan Mari Berbagi Foundation. This foundation was founded by Azwar Hasan. This foundation empower the youth to live beyond themselves (living beyond yourself).
Dyah explained that 140 out of 500 applicants for this program went to the interview session. From the interview, 55 participants from cities across the country joined the Youth Adventure and Youth Leaders Forum.
“Youth Adventure is a program that requires each participant to travel from Semarang, Central Java, to Cibubur, West Java, with only 100.000 rupiahs during the adventure. The groups are divided based on the religions and tribes. A group consists of three to four students. They were not allowed to use their own money. In each city in which they stopped by, they were required to have a community service activity. My group had community service activites in two cities namely Semarang and Brebes. The community service is not limited to age and differences,” Dyah said.
The program coming after the Youth Adventure was Youth Leaders Forum in which the participants met successful figures both local and international ones to share their knowledge and experience as well as to support the programs.
“In applying for the program, my social project is Gerakan Mari Berbagi One School One Book. During the program, I got feedback to change the project into Gerakan Mari Berbagi, Ayo Menulis (Let’s Write). This project invites students in primary schools to write their daily activities in their diaries. It encourages the students to get used to write,” Dyah added
“Each of the Gerakan Mari Berbagi participant runs their social project which is supported and facilitated by the Board Member. in general, each project is a social project to help the community. As the bonus for succeeding in executing their programs, the Gerakan Mari Berbagi participants will be divided into groups to join a homestay program in one of these countries namely Japan, Australia, and the Netherlands,”Dyah ended.

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