Students of Fashion Education Study Program and Fashion Diploma year 2013, Faculty of Engineering Yogyakarta State University (YSU) have just presented a fashion show with the title of "HEXOMINOUS", which stands for "Heritage Exotismic Luminous" (19/01/2016) in YSU Auditorium. The fashion show is the final project of Fashion Show Management course taken by the students. The assessment is determined from the ability to manage fashion exhibition, perform countless fashion cocktail, Moslem clothing, yukata for gala dinner, etc.

Hexaminous which stands for Heritage Exotismic Luminous can also be understood as the Charm of Cultural Heritage seen from the students wearing Indonesian traditional fabrics, namely lurik, batik, songket, ulos, and others. Marinda Yuni Asari, the Committee Chairman in her speech explains that the performance intends to introduce Indonesian traditional fabrics that contain the beauty of diversity , a typical of Indonesia. "Traditional fabrics are transformed into 114 picturesque and magnificent party dresses ", she added.

The show displayed not only Indonesian traditional fashion but also many different fashion styles, let say Japanese suits, menswear, children's clothing, and fashion for gala party; most of which are designed by YSU alumni. Afif Ghurub Bestari, the supervising lecturer, once stated during the opening remarks "Students not only learn how to walk and pose on the catwalk in order to perform their own work, but they also learn to become the event organizer and choreographer".

In order to present such a good fashion show, those students must work for one semester. The preparation started with brainstorming and seeking for ideas, designing, material selection, patterns making, and then tailoring. The show applied a system of competition to better motivate students in the field of modeling and fashion creations. In the end, Melinda Anindita was announced the Best Performer. Meanwhile, Dewinta Megarani with her party dress grabbed favourite champion, while based on the assessment of the jury, Desak Made Yulia K W was announced Best Gala Party Dress.

In addition, the Hexominous fashion show also invited the guests and all that support the event to share the love and care of animals and preservation in a campaign for the rejection of animal exploitation, especially in the field of fashion, such as the use of animals body part for belts, leather bags, and shoes. (Dafit/public relations-Faculty of Engineering)

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