Rizal Justian Setiawan, student majoring in Mechanical Engineering Education FE YSU, along with four students of the Yogyakarta State University, Fauziyyah Diyah (Chemistry, 2014), Titik Wulandari (Mathematics, 2014), Shinta Hanifati (Physics, 2013) and Rizka Alina (English Education, 2013) have marked another achievement in an International Competition. Having previously won the Gold Medal and Semi Grand Award category in Renewable Energy in the event of World Invention Creativity Contest (WICC) ​​in SETEC South Korea,  they won again the Gold Medal in the M Category in the event of the 3rd International Young Inventor Award (IYIA) in Surabaya Convention Hall on September 6-8, 2016. The International Young Inventor Award (IYIA) is an annual event held by INNOPA in collaboration with IFIA, WIIPA International Office and several other partners. The event was attended by hundreds of inventors from several countries, including Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea, Egypt, Thailand, Taiwan, Canada, Jordan, India, Sri Lanka and some other countries.

Rizal told that this event is where every invention concept exhibit got a table with the judging system; where is the presentation and question and answer are in English. "The jury of the various countries, took turn visiting each table and did an examination with the inventors," said Rizal. "Devices that must be provided in this arena include posters, brochures and invention product." Description of the work, product excellence, implementation and about the patent shall be questioned by the judge and by the end result achieved more than half of the entire Indonesian delegation were able to contribute medals including Rizal along his team were able to able to contribute gold medal.

The YSU team entered in M Category which was Necessaries of Life with the invention 'Utilization of Waste Melinjo (Gnetum gnemon) as Environmentally Friendly Materials Briquette' which took about 2 months in the research process. "So we made an alternative energy or Renewable Energy that can replace wood charcoal, with flames and a level of durability combustion much better than charcoal, and at a lower cost because it uses unused melinjo waste," explained Rizal "We has tested the effectiveness of our innovation by seeking partners such as satay seller, angkringan merchant and those who often use charcoal as a medium for burning ". This category is a daunting challenge because his opponents have sophisticated and extraordinary inventions that have advanced research-based and even some of them who have owned the patent. During the implementation, Rizal and the team also found some constraints such as time management, testing and preparation. (Rizal / humasFT)

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